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The Bijou granny flat range from Ascension Living is an elegant modular granny flat that can be constructed

in just 8-10 weeks.


Our Bijou granny flat range delivers modern designs with quality finishes and superior inclusions.

Why Go Modular?

Ascension Living has developed an innovative modular construction system which streamlines the building process.

Ascension Living’s innovative modular construction system does away with the time consuming concrete slab on ground and frames and trusses construction stages adopted traditional home building construction. Instead, a structural module is craned into place on top of piers, then the building’s steel structure is completed with pre-fabricated structural elements and the building is secured a few days later (rather than several weeks using traditional building methods). Construction then continues in the traditional way with internal fixtures, furnishings and features.

Our Bijou granny flats are not kits, or shipping containers or pre-fabricated homes. The main points of difference are that the structure differs from a traditionally built house because of our innovative modular construction system. This system allows the house to be constructed much quicker. 

  • Key items of construction activity are already completed off site, offering significant time savings
  • Less time is required on site from establishment to lock up stage, meaning less exposure to delaying factors such as bad weather
  • Fewer trades are required on site to complete construction activities, leading to less disturbance and waste  

Our modular construction system combines the best of both worlds – the speed of a modular structure and the quality of traditional finishing methods.

Ascension Living offers a structural guarantee and peace of mind because Ascension Living is part of the Beechwood Homes Group

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