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Ascension Living, is a division of Beechwood Homes Group, one of the largest residential builders in New South Wales.

Beechwood Homes has been building modern, spacious and affordable family homes for over 35 years.

Ascension Living is proud to bring Beechwood’s expertise and experience to the design, approval and construction of detached granny flats and secondary dwellings.

Ascension Living has developed a modular building system to streamline the granny flat building process. This revolutionary construction system allows Ascension Living to offer its customers 8 - 10 week build time.

You do not need to build a new Beechwood Home to be able to build an Ascension Living modular granny flat on your property. Whether you want to:

  • earn investment income from tenants
  • house a family member
  • add value to your property

Build with the name that you know. Ascension Living by Beechwood Homes – Innovation in Modular Construction

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