Ascension Living is an Australian owned company that specialises in Modular Construction.

About Us

Ascension Living is part of the Beechwood Group, one of the largest residential builders in New South Wales. Beechwood Homes NSW has long established its place in the Australian home building industry and is known for delivering stylish and modern family homes across NSW. Beechwood has proudly been building spacious and affordable homes for Australians for almost 40 years. 

Ascension Living was introduced to the building market by Beechwood Homes back in 2016, for the purpose of streamlining the granny flat industry. As part of continued innovation, the Beechwood Group began investigating the benefits of modular construction in 2013. While the focus was initially upon overcoming obstacles thrown up on building traditionally on difficult sites, the far-reaching ramifications soon became apparent to the point where a separate division of the business was formed.

This process of continuous innovation has led to development of a modular building system with a wide variety of uses. Modular construction usually involves the use of factory-produced, pre-engineered, modular building units or ‘pods’ that are delivered to site and assembled with other ‘pods’ as substantial elements of a building.

Our Mission

  • to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, innovative, environmentally sustainable projects on schedule by creating a positive working environment supporting highly competent, flexible and focused teams who do what they say;
  • to ensure the longevity of our company by exceeding customer expectations through an anticipation of needs and exceptional performance, professionalism, integrity and customer service;
  • to take great pride in our accomplishments and build on them every day.

Our Beechwood Group Values


[adjective] feeling and showing thoughtfulness and respect.

we deliver with pride

  • We understand that people are important, and we are privileged to be building someone else's home.
  • We need to act with integrity (doing the right thing) and empathy (put yourself in someone else's position).
  • We are all responsible as a team for the relationships we make and what we produce.


[adjective] reacting quickly and positively to something or someone.

we deliver peace of mind

  • We understand that the journey of building a house is as important as the completed home
  • We need to guide our clients through the building process with timely and relevant communication (especially when things occasionally go wrong).
  • We are all responsible for creating a positive difference and assuring our clients that it will be alright (with action and not just words).


[adjective] having on obligation to do something or core for someone.

we deliver what we promise

  • We understand that each of us is trusted to deliver on the biggest financial and emotional investment our clients are likely to make in their lives - their home.
  • We need to always act professionally (skilled and capable) to deserve and maintain that trust.
  • We are all responsible as a team for meeting expectations.


[adjective] providing satisfaction; gratifying.

it's all about family

  • We understand that we don't just build a home for our clients, we are delivering their dream home.
  • We need building or working with Beechwood to be a fulfilling experience for everyone involved.
  • We love what we do. We are good at what we do.